Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Morality Shapes our Political Discussions and how Politicians Essay

Morality Shapes our Political Discussions and how Politicians Deliberately Use Frames which Lakoff Discusses - Essay Example This paper aims to discuss the various patterns in which politician’s charting of political intercourse are undertaken. Framing is the basis of analysis in this paper which has been done with the aid of advertisements and other media sources to analyze the moral influence on politician’s conduct. This paper shall also evaluate how a common man is likely to get affected by the framing. The area which has been chosen to analyze the political discourse is immigration. Also, solutions to the issues which are acting greatly as an obstacle towards development will be given in the paper. As evident from the study of George Lakoff regarding different framing patterns have been used by politicians, is it progressive or conservative etc (Lakoff 148). Taking into account, the current scenario of the US political schema, it has been noted that Mitt Romney and Barak Obama has been actually involved in framing their agenda and outlook towards immigration and terrorism in their respec tive manner. By noting down the media clip namely Romney: WeShouldn’t Negotiate with Taliban, We Should Kill Taliban, it becomes quiet easier to ensure that the Mitt Romney has been a conservative in terms of framing his opinions against Taliban. It can be said that Mitt Romney acts like a person who is a naturalist father who does not understand the feelings of other members of the family. A democratic state is more likel to come up with better decisions if consensus is undertaken. The aggression quiet evident from his words when he speaks â€Å"People of America has been targeted by Taliban and for which they deserve to be killed and not negotiated with†, completely states that he is against the foreign policy of United States and he wishes to bring more changes in the policy (BreitbartNews). For most of the people who would actually come to watch the video will claim that Romney has a strict outlook towards terrorism but countries like United States cannot show aggr ession with an open call for war. It is for this reason that the framing as done by Mitt Romney regarding his interests towards terrorism is regarded as weak yet conservative. The impact of such a frame will not have a positive and productive effect of the viewers from all around the world. It should be noted that Mitt Romney must understand the group he is actually referring to before framing. The effect of such a frame is more likely to affect the people who needs assistance and can be able to serve Afghanistan for settling their social status-quo (Karoli 121) On the other hand, another attempt has been noted by the exemption speech of Barack Obama who claimed that United States can actually talk to the Taliban for peace. It has been noted by watching the video namely Obama On "Direct Discussions" With Taliban: "They Can Be A Part Of This Future" that the president has settled an onset and proved that United States is ready to come across with Taliban in the same way as earlier (w ith the aid of videotapes) (Realclearpolitics). On his own part, Barak Obama has tried to prove to the world that United States does not aim to call for a war but his framing seems to affect Romney’s outlook. The view and the position of Barack Obama with the aid of framing is more of a way to loosen down the aggression of the people who think that war is the only solution to the issues of terrorism. Barack Obama is seemingly

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