Friday, November 1, 2019

Job Description Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Job Description - Essay Example From this draft, changes in actual wording are done so that the final expression of job duties and related conditions matches the factors assessed. There should be a correlation between the job rating scale and job description’s wording in the document because the inequities could be fostered (Perry, 2008). The safeguards measures against discrepancies are included in the job description process by the HR manager. In additional, to the overall job classification, wage, salary and fringe benefit incentives may be predicted on the information achieved in the job description process. In deriving the job description, it is vital to assess the written document for its adequacy in conveying information about the factors used in job rating and salary considerations. Certain steps in the recruitment process are outlined in developing the description document, and adequate information to help prospective employees to make a preliminary determination. In developing the job description document, the unit managers must convey the significant information about responsibilities and qualifications of the candidates that are used in the selection process. According to Perry (2008), the training programs are listed, and training outcomes are stated in terms of trainee’s ability to perform duties. Thus, performance evaluations are also indicated in developing the job description document. Finally, the information to determine eligibility for claims under an employee’s compensation and similar programs are indicated in the job description document. According to Hernandez and O’Connor (2009), jobs in the organizational structure of healthcare are dynamic in nature due to the chances in size and nature of an organization. Meanwhile, the introduction of the employment of new treatment mechanisms that have influence on duties and requirements of the job requires job description document. The job description document provides enough information for

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