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Situational Interview For Your Dream Job - 1154 Words

Have you ever been a part of a behavioral or situational interview for your dream job? The recruit, select, and hire process is essential for choosing the right person for a job. In this process, interviews are conducted in the selection portion. A job interview is a one on one, panel, or group conversation between the applicant and representative of an company. The purpose of an interview is to assess whether the applicant should be hired and/or continue through the hiring process. Interviews give insight into your personality and abilities, and it allows employer the chance to determine whether your credentials and career goals match up with what the company needs for the position available. Companies use different types of interviews in their hiring process. It is said through several studies structural interviews are the best in predicting how a new employee will perform. Two most common types of interviews used are behavioral and situational. Behavioral interviews are used at s everal companies. Behavioral interviewing is used by employers to learn job applicants past behavior in certain situations. It is said that behavioral interviewing is a good way to predict future behavior and employers can also predict how individuals would act or react in hypothetical future situations. There are specific questions asked during a behavioral interview. Here is a list of sample behavioral based job interview questions: †¢ Describe a time when you were faced with a stressfulShow MoreRelatedLeadership Styles : Situational Leadership Essay1501 Words   |  7 PagesRunning Head: SITUATIONAL LEADERSHIP 1 Situational Leadership Kristen Baldwin Kentucky Christian University Introduction After researching several other leadership styles, I found that situational leadership is the leadership style most effective for myself. Situational leadership is different from most leadership styles because it is adaptable to every circumstance. While other leadership styles are very specific, situational leadership can be used to lead people that areRead MoreFeedback Of Mock Interview At The Employment Support Centre, Algonquin College944 Words   |  4 PagesFeedback of Mock Interview at the Employment Support Centre, Algonquin College Preparation is vital for a successful job interview and getting a dream job. Mock interview is one of the best ways to get prepared for a real employment interview. This mock interview was conducted on the 27th of January, 2015 at the Employment Support Centre of Algonquin College. The sample interview questions are structured into four major sections, which are introductory, behavioural, problem/situational and technicalRead MorePersonal Collaboration And Support Department At King Fahad Medical City1880 Words   |  8 Pages PROFILE 1- Dr. Ahmad Aljolud, Chairperson of Educational Collaboration and Support Department at King Fahad Medical City Summary of Interview: I interviewed Dr. Ahmad Aljolud, the Chairperson of Educational Collaboration and Support Department at King Fahad Medical City (KFMC), Riyadh. Aljolud is a respiratory therapist and holds two master s degrees in health science leadership and education. He also holds a Ph.D. in Adult and Organizational Learning and Leadership. Aljolud graduatedRead MoreRace, Class, and the Social Determinants of Health629 Words   |  3 Pagesthe now-deceased Bernie Benton worked in a manufacturing plant and was exposed to such heavy levels of asbestos dust he and his co-workers were known as the Snowmen. Of the 137 workers in his division, all but nine were dead by the time of the interview with Mr. Benton. There was talk about the danger of asbestos, Benton reported, but they never, ever told us that it would kill you (Schofield). Finally, physical ailments are not all that can affect the poor to a higher degree than other socioeconomicRead MoreRichard Branson s Leadership Style1015 Words à ‚  |  5 Pagesadviser. His career started of with Virgin Records in 1972, His dream to go into space, he already made 5 spaceships He didn t know the difference between net and gross (Interview with Ted, YouTube). He has been running his company for the last 40 years but he accepted that he didn t know the difference between net and gross, one of his colleagues explained to him. Branson is a very open person I can say by watching his interviews, very straight forward but always speaks with a smile on his faceRead MorePersonal Leadership Philosophy : Confucius1825 Words   |  8 Pagesof effective leaders we don’t often remember them. There are obvious instances where we remember significant words of leaders such as, â€Å"I have a dream,† (King) but how many can remember the everyday words of leaders that are not special cases? When we see effective leaders we remember them; for instance, I could walk around with a picture of Steve Jobs, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, or Barack Obama, and most everyone -- if not everyone -- would recognize them, because of the leadershipRead MoreBook Review: Hiring Great People by Klinvex, OConnell and Klinvex2170 Words   |  9 PagesHowever, Klinvex, OConnell Klinvex (1999) are concerned mainly with the means by which to actually hire great people. The book is a compendium of knowledge regarding everything from composing proper job descriptions to issues related to discrimination, to how to structure a successful interview. The authors go so far as to include managers checklists to make Hiring Great People a practical handbook as well as a reference guide. Managers, and especially human resources managers, should have aRead MoreWhat Makes A Great Leader?2590 Words   |  11 Pagesleadership theories focused on what qualities distinguished between leaders and followers, while subsequent theories looked at other variables such as situational factors and skill levels. While many different leadership theories have emerged, most can be classified as one of eight major types: 1. Great Man; 2. Trait; 3. Contingency; 4. Situational; 5. Behavioral; 6. Participative; 7. Management; and 8. Relationship. Leadership theories explain the question of what makes certain people becomeRead MorePersonal Statement : My Career Path Essay1782 Words   |  8 Pagesobstacles stand in my way. In order to be successful, hard work, commitment, and passion will be very essential. Going into a competitive field in a competitive job market will be tough, so my focus and perseverance will be a fundamental key to the success of my plan of being a Marketing Director in Northwest Kansas. Personal Marketing Plan Situational Analysis My name is Justice Voss and I graduated high school in 2015 from Logan, KS. I am currently enrolled at Fort Hays State University in the RCOBE withRead MoreWalmart - Effective Or Not?2870 Words   |  12 PagesWalmart – Effective or Not? Walmart started out as a local discount retailer in Rogers, Arkansas and evolved into a discount powerhouse. Through Sam Walton’s leadership, dreams, and risk taking, Walmart success is shown through the innovation that developed in the following areas from thousands of stores within the United States and Puerto Rico, 27 countries, 600 plus Sam’s Club in the United States, 100 international clubs, and eCommerce websites for 10 countries to include the United States.

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