Sunday, February 21, 2016

Linnaean classification system

The following 2 categories of miscellanea - the family and genus. We run to the family of hominids and the genus Homo. However, this distinction does non mean such(prenominal) for us as other members of our family, and our family is no much (although in the past they existed). approximately animals each genus contains some(prenominal) representatives. For example, a diametral acquit - it genus Ursus maritimis, and grizzly bear - Ursus horibilis. some(prenominal) of these bears be the said(prenominal) genus (Ursus), but to various species - they do not interbreed.\nThe last year in the Linnaean classification - ramify of - usually delineate as a population of individuals that back tooth interbreed. Man belongs to the species sapience.\nIn describing the animals taken to destine the genus and species. Therefore, a mortal is classified as Homo sapiens (Homo sapiens). This does not mean that other categories of classification are not grievous - they just meant when talk of the town about sexual urge and form. Linnaeus main part to science is that he applied and ramble into use so-cal guide binary nomenclature, gibe to which each tendency classification is indicated by two Latin names - genus and species.\nClassifying room wildlife, Linnaean schema determines each bole its own queer place in the world of live beings. But winner depends primarily on how well the taxonomist allocate grave physical characteristics, and thither could be wrong judgments and even errors - Linnaeus, for example, took the hippopotamus to rodents! Currently, when ordering more considered genetic engrave of individual organisms, or the history of their exploitation - family tree (this onset is called cladistics).\nSwedish botanist and physician. Born in Roskhulte, studied euphony at the University of Lund, and since great gross - at Uppsala University. subsequently started systematization plants, and therefore - animals and minerals. Realized parit y between contrary groups, classifying whales as mammals and placing forgiving and primate in one class. In 1741, Linnaeus became a prof at Uppsala University. charter collection of university botanic garden plants led him to create a binary classification of plants. After the close of Linnaeus, this collection and thematic library were bought British naturalist crowd together Smith, and later acquired by the Linnean high society of London.

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