Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Business Communications Risk Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Business Communications Risk Management - Essay ExampleThe FTC investigators can wee care of a single organization or even an entire industry and it is up to their disposal to decide which route they want to go. It is an organization that has a separate bureau for the consumer protection realms which has a mandate to protect the consumers when the talk goes out loud related with the unfair or deceptive acts and practices found in commerce. Hence the business communication link comes within the fray in a very quantifiable manner when this bureau of consumer protection is talked about at length. FTC kit and caboodle to good effect within competition, economics and the two related bureaus are playing their active roles nonetheless. The basic concepts of FTC are very closely fix in with monopoly and mergers which are essential ingredients of the working realms of FTC (Kleit 2004). The unfair or deceptive practices which affect the consumers are also significant in understanding the di ctum of how FTC works to good effect within the related environment. References Kleit, A (2004). Art of the Deal The Merger Settlement Process at the Federal Trade Commission. Southern frugal Journal, Vol. 70 Loza, E (2001). Internet Fraud Federal Trade Commission Prosecutions of Online Conduct. Communications and the Law, Vol. 23

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