Thursday, June 13, 2019

Marketing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 35

Marketing - Assignment ExampleEach marketing manager can use these variables in a distinctive manner as per his desire or market requirement (Kotler, 2003).For example if Pepsis marketing mix is considered its product is a drink that is aimed at thirst need of humans, its pricing is quite affordable which varies with variety of SKUs (stock keeping units). Its place strategy is based on thevast distribution network that is aimed at making Pepsi available in every other store, shop and majority of restaurants. The promotional strategy that Pepsi uses consists of variety of promotional tools such as advertising, public relations, sponsorships, private selling, and sales promotion.Marketing environment is the environment in which any organization operates. There be variable forces inside and outside the organization that affects an organizations performance. These factors can either be close to the organization which are referred as micro-environment factors or can be larger societal f actors referred as macro-environment factors. Micro-environment includes an organizations customers, competitors, distributors, suppliers where as the macro-environment factors include political, legal, social, technological forces that affect an organizations external operating environment.BCG matrix tends to categorize different products either in a portfolio or product draw in in terms of their market share and fruit. There are four classifications in BCG matrix namely stars, cash cows, dogs and question marks. Stars are the ones that have high school share and high growth such as Android or You Tube. Secondly, Cash cows are the ones that have high share but lo growth such as Google. Thirdly dogs are the ones with low share and low growth such as Orkut or Diet Coke. Lastly, Question marks are those that enjoy high growth but have low share such as Google

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